Friday, July 22, 2011

Wicked cycle

Can it really be July 22 already? I have failed with every challenge I have set for myself. I really need to crawl out of this funk I am in but I just cant seem to figure out how...At least I am not gaining, that is a win for me right now. Is anyone else just feel like they are treading water?

Monday, July 4, 2011


So on a typical 4th of July in my life I would have been completely content to eat and drink all day long BUT this year I know how many calories are in each and everyone of those drinks and tasty snacks so I am attempting to refrain. Not sure its going to work though...Here in Utah they have legalized aerial fireworks this yeah and nothing goes better with fireworks that alcohol, especially when contending with the half a million kids that will be around. I will let you know tomorrow morning how this all works out...

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Month 2- July

Wow has it been a month already! I have a feeling that this comp is going to fly by. I acheived my goal of not gaining. I just need to be thankful for little things like that. Those are the good things in life!

So my goals for this month?

1) Get my family healthy! I am recovering from severe allergy issues and my hubby had a severe bough of pneumonia that landed him in the hospital.
2) Lose 1-2lbs per week, nothing drastic but steady!
3) Find time to exercise 2 days a week, no excuses!
and lastly...BLOG!

I think that this can be a good month I just need to refocus and re-energize!