Thursday, June 23, 2011


I am such a slacker! I am truly have the desire to lose weight and I even know how to do it but...I am truly struggling to make it a priority. Between my new job, school, family, and sleep I just dont know where I fit in. To make matters worse I am not sleeping and I dont know about anyone else but when I am tired I am especially suseptable to 300 calorie coffee drink tempatiton. I also just got back from a 4 days trip to california where I ate at WAY to many drive thorughs. Add all this up and it equals 0 weight loss...I know I said in my last post that my goal was to not gain but I think that somehow I thought that even without trying this baby weight would start to melt off, but that just doesnt seem to be the case. I think I am going to wrap up this blog before I whine any more and how that tomorrow brings another day and a new attitude...Heres to hoping!


Moi said...

I hear you sista It is hard especially when you have had no sleep. Coffee is great just don't overdo it with tones of milk and sugary sweetners.

Good luck on tomorrow.

Amy said...

I agree. There are those who drop baby weight without trying (or 'just breastfeed') and then there's the rest of us!! Good luck - tomorrow is a new day!