Saturday, June 11, 2011

Week one

This first real entry is going to be an introduction to my crazy life. In the past month I have graduated nursing school, taken and passed my NCLEX had a baby (baby #5), started a new job, and summer vacation has begun for my school aged kids. I've also started an online BSN program which is taking a lot more time than I anticipated. This hasn't left much time or energy for things like diet and exercise (or sleep). Pizza is far too convenient... THIS is definitely NOT going to be my month. And so, in an effort to not completely lose my self, my goal for June is to NOT GAIN WEIGHT and to start packing lunches from home.
So far I've managed to accomplish this... but it's only the 11th and there's a whole lot of month left!
I am planning on posting pictures when my sister-in-law finally sends me them. They look eerily similar to the pictures I posted at the beginning of the competition last year.


Moi said...

That is a lot on your plate. Pizza is not horrible. Just don't eat 6 pieces. Have a hudge salad with it and eat one piece. It all about good choices.

Good luck on not gaining. Sometimes not gaining is even harder than losing.

Vicki Sue said...

Good Luck Jess. I can't imagine how hard it is to be you. Baby steps I say. We're all in this together! Luv ya!

Spar-Mar Girl said...

I can so relate to where you are! We have the same goal for this month. For now, I'm just working on going back to normal amounts of food. I'm just finishing up pumping for baby #5, who is medically fragile. The only downside is that I have to completely overeat to keep any amount of milk in, and until the past few weeks, my milk was the only thing she was willing to eat and able to digest! and the start of summer definitely doesn't help, does it? I figure if I work on one big thing for each month, by the end of the competition I will have changed the major problems keeping me from losing weight. Good luck to you with all your craziness!!

Karilynn said...

Jess!! Your plate is always HUGE and you always manage to thrive in everything you do! I'm pretty sure you are going to kick this months butt. (And easily maintain your starting weight.) I also have officially decided to go ahead and send you those pics! ;) LOVE YOU!!

Jessica B said...

Thanks everyone, I probably should have read all these BEFORE I wrote my last entry because I feel a lot better now.